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Quality Policy


Energomontaż Południe S.A. is a company of 60-year-old tradition and of well established position on the power construction market. We construct and service installations for power and other industries. We believe, that our specialized knowledge and experience, continuously supported by improving quality, environmental, health & safety integrated management system, is essential for business activities conducted by Energomontaż-Południe S.A.

Our main goal is to meet the requirements of our Clients on the demanding international market, with preserving the social responsibility of conducted business, therefore we declare:
  • to conduct investment processes and services at supervised conditions ensuring the planned quality,
  • to meet all applicable legal and other requirements that we have undertaken to, especially those related to quality, identified by aspects of environment and occupational safety,
  • to rationally use the environment resources and to reduce our negative impact on the environment,
  • to eliminate hazards and to control the risk within the range of occupational health & safety of the employees,
  • to maintain and to improve the quality, environmental, health & safety integrated management system,
  • partner cooperation with suppliers,
  • to create conditions suitable for improvement of qualifications and development of our employees, and to encourage them for EHS actions
  • to optimize the management in the PBG capital group.
The present Policy is a declaration of the top management, it constitutes frameworks for setting the objectives and tasks in regard to the integrated management system maintained in the Company.

This Policy directs the improvement areas of Energomontaż Południe S.A. and it is known to all employees as it is publicly disclosed.


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